November 2017 Winner

Rhinoceros Skin Shaunna Harper She beams, and I hate every one of her lines. The ones around the eyes, especially, with their soliloquies of struggle and strife. Her hands, once a boxer’s or a dinner lady’s, now crumpled and puckered like balls of hated paper. A sixth, seventh swollen knuckle, clenched into feeble fist, a […]

October 2017 Winner

Winner: Anne Walsh Donnelly It’s okay not to be okay   It’s not okay when my temples are clamped by a vice shoulders list under a bag of slack prune heart is stuffed with dead marrow tongue turns ice-cream to grit and I dream of drowning in white water rapids.   It’s not okay when […]

September 2017 Winner

Seapoint Road Jane McNamara We’ve been here a year. Longest we’ve spent in any house. I’m still fascinated by it. I can’t quite believe it’s mine: an upstairs of my own, a bedroom for the children and a master bedroom for me and Paddy. What a strong feeling that idea had – a master bedroom […]

August 2017 Competition Winner

Every Music Has A Diminuendo By Marvel Chukwudi Pephel A man is listening and nodding to a toccata on an icy hill. He forgets he must get down on a toboggan, He somehow forgets the journey ahead, And so enjoys the moment. If he is unlucky, a sudden wind Will blow him to death Before […]

July 2017 Winner

Fear of Fatherhood Kevin Doyle I attempt to yell again from the bottom of my throat, and I do try, but the words get stuck in my Adam’s apple. I’m so stiff it feels like I’m wrapped in a Mummy costume, my arms pinned by invisible bandages. My stomach feels like a washing machine on […]

Creative Writing Ink June 2017 Winner

Metamorphose m.nicole.r.wildhood We travel at all times: days, sets of nights skewered by earnestly buzzing suns on metal trees days already half worn with expectation of all the time in the world. We walk home perched on the lip of believing that this is all there is or this is all there should be or […]

Creative Writing Ink May 2017 Winner

LOOKING FOR HAPPINESS (SHOPS) Marvel Chukwudi Pephel Who knows how to peel lies from the tongue Or how to wash weighty grief from the soul? In the dark, a wife hears her heart pour Like the sink tap she forgot to close – It’s a mixture of lies and fears. She knows the man is […]

April 2017 Winner

cockroaches Gary W. Bloom the cockroaches in new orleans are not anything like the ones in the archy and mehitabel poems they’re more like something out of edgar poe full of yellow green snot when you squish them with your bare feet walking to the bathroom at night i remember once waking up to a […]

April 2017 Competition Winner

Time On His Hands Bill Lythgoe Outside the taverna, in the late afternoon he sits at a plastic table, lit by a shaft of sunlight. Slowly, he wipes the thick, black, clinging coffee stains from his full white beard with the back of the hand that clutches the amber beads. His other hand wonders whether […]

Creative Writing Ink March 2017 Competition Winner

Wine Kevin Doyle Entering the local shopping centre with my mother, the breezy air conditioner above the entrance feels like the warmth from a hot water bottle as it hisses down on me. As we make our way towards our destination which is Tesco at the back of the centre, Mam pushes the trolley as […]

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