Creative Writing Ink November 2018 Winner

The Butterfly William Lythgoe The other night, or possibly around three hundred years BC I dreamed I was a butterfly, free to follow a random breeze yet always landing on a flower.   I don’t know why. It could have been because I know, in China over two thousand years ago, a man whose name […]

Creative Writing Ink October 2018 Winner

Ailsa’s Red Patent Bag                                                                                                        […]

Creative Writing Ink September 2018 Winner

Happy Birthday William Lythgoe   Birthday, wedding day, death day. Trying to tame the torrent – to make the sound and fury signify something.   Gestation, procreation, A rainbow arches to the whirlpool below. You cannot know your destination   so let the wine flow. Lose control and merge with the one who makes you […]

Creative Writing Ink August 2018 Winner

A modest crucifixion  Millicent Stott   I saw Jesus crucified on a lamppost, rosebud lips painted rouge. Rotting pink petals and cigarettes adorned the soggy pavement by his bloody feet. The savage decadence of those unkempt seams of skin shimmered playfully against the edge of that Tuesday night, Heat haze. Cheap neon glamour, his leopard […]

July 2018 Competition Winner

Transience Katie Mason   I sit on the rocks and watch the tide go out. My mother has died. She has been dragged away from me, Like the waves heaved back by the moon.   Along moving platforms, I’m conveyed, Shell-shocked, forward, always forward. I must move on, leaving her behind. Pain swells like the […]

CWI June 2018 Competition Winner

Up the ladder Jack Cooper We fed the tree for six weeks, heaping nettles at its base as we bared nearby forest, clearing paths to afternoons spent in high branches while you lay sunbathing on salvaged wood, not hearing dog-walkers when they passed below us, like when – on our first day spent building – […]

Creative Writing Ink May 2018 Winner

Christmas Morning Beatrice Hughes   My mother is immortal in the way she holds her cup of tea; in lamplight, before the sunrise, with her eyes shut. Her hands could be housing a baby bird, and through years of love, my father has learned not to fill the mug all the way to the top. […]

April 2018 Competition Winner

The Broiler Chicken Fabiyas M V   Her comb is no longer red.It’s meaningless to preen.She stands hunched as a deadpan mushroom.Only flesh matters in her man-made coop.She cannot forage in freedom.She’s not a living thing.There isn’t any wax to seal the pain-pores.Bedding absorbs her vibrancy.A dust bath, she longs for.No cluck.Nothing hatches.Her thoughts transform […]

CWI March 2018 Competition Winner

To the clinic at Ouradou, Angola Jean Cooper Moran   My mother gave birth on the red road as I wriggled my way through her long journey, Kicking and squirming in her soft red cradle, Drawing the salty liquid in with ease, expelling the same, Unapologetically unrefined, raw, of no value.   Except to the […]

February 2018 Competition Winner

Skopelos William Lythgoe   I sit outside our apartment holding a glass of ouzo that glints in the sun.   Across the bay the Old Town waits for us.   Tonight we’ll stroll back in time past the supermarket past the bus station past the harbour where the ferry is unloading   and on towards […]

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