Online Creative Writing Course for Teenagers

TUTOR: Olive O’Brien is an author and publisher. Olive has published three children’s books and a children’s book app for the iPad. She has a Masters in Journalism and previously worked as a features writer and news reporter. Olive is also the director of Creative Writing Ink. Her eco-friendly book publishing company Silver Angel Publishing was shortlisted for the 2012 David Manley Emerging Entrepreneur Awards and for the Green Communications Award 2012.

DURATION: 6 weeks

FEE: £120

Start Date: 23rd January 2018. THIS COURSE IS NOW CLOSED. The next available writing course for teenagers starts on January 30th, 2018 with Kerry Drewery. For further details on Kerry’s course, please visit this page. 

Places are strictly limited to 10 participants

While it states that it’s a creative writing course for teenagers, it is suitable for anyone aged 12-18.

This one-to-one course fits in with a student’s schedule, as you don’t have to be online at any particular time or day. Instead, the course is carried out through email correspondence, so you can pick up the notes whenever it suits you. You will be given weekly notes, tips and exercises to help you. Each exercise will be read by Olive and you will receive written feedback. However, the main thing is to have fun when writing!

In the first week, we’ll look at how to find ideas, the power of memory and the importance of observation.

In the second week, we’ll examine what makes successful characters in fiction and you’ll have a chance to create your very own character.

Module 3 deals with point of view. Every piece of writing comes from a particular point of view, as in who is telling the story.

In Module 4, we’ll look at what you need to consider when you’re plotting a story and how to end a story. In Week 5 you’ll learn how to write effective dialogue. We’ll also look at setting.

For the final module, we’ll take a look at editing and how to get your work into print.

“I joined the creative writing course for teenagers as a way to get back into writing after a long period without inspiration. Six weeks later, I felt much more enthusiastic and ready to develop new ideas. Each assignment lets you exercise a different writing skill and encourages you to combine elements of writing in ways that you would never otherwise have considered. Having always kept my writing secret, I especially liked how the course enabled me to share my writing one-on-one with a professional who always gave considered and confidence-boosting feedback, rather than the anxiety-inducing situation of showing it to someone I know! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get back into writing or wants a good place to begin.” Jessica

“I really enjoyed the creative writing course for teenagers. I was sent one writing exercise each week for six weeks. Each exercise contained specific instructions about what to do, but at the same time there was plenty of room for creativity. I learned a lot in six weeks, such as how to build a good character, how to describe a setting, how to write a convincing dialogue, and much more (basically everything that has to do with writing a story). I had lots of fun and I feel like I improved my writing. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in creative writing and would like to improve their skills.” Hanna

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Our next Online Creative Writing Course for Teenagers course starts on 23/01/2018

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Here's what our clients have to say

  • “On embarking on the course, my hopes were to explore my writing, and extend my skills. However, the course had so much more impact, it actually changed my writing and the way I thought about it. The variety on the course meant that I could learn something different from each exercise, and the 6 week period definitely became more of a journey than I imagined. I particularly enjoyed the way in which Olive structured the course so that different concepts explored would build towards the final task, so you felt as though you had written something with guidance, rather than being instructed too strictly. Certain exercises stood out to me, especially one in which I was asked to write a piece inspired by what I observed when walking outside, and how my senses were stimulated; this really inspired me to use the environment around me in my writing, I realised that everyday events can be just as interesting as the unusual. I loved this course and the feedback I received from it, so I would definitely recommend it to any aspiring writers!” Holly.

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