Online Creative Writing Courses

Beginners Creative Writing (Four Weeks)

In this four-week Online Beginners Creative Writing Course, there will be weekly notes and assignments to help you. Each assignment will be read by your tutor and you’ll receive weekly written feedback on your assignments.

Beginners Creative Writing with Doreen Duffy (online)

If you’ve always wanted to write but didn’t know where to start, or if you’re returning to writing after some time away: this Beginners Course is the course for you! This course will explore the wonderful world of creative writing. With steady encouragement and guidance you will complete manageable weekly assignments with one to one feedback from your tutor Doreen Duffy. This could be the start of your first short story, or the collection of short stories that will become your first book.

Beginners Creative Writing (Six Weeks)

Our six-week Online Beginners Creative Writing Course is suitable for complete beginners and no writing experience is required. It’s also suitable if you haven’t written anything for a while and if you’d like to get back into a creative writing routine.

Online Creative Writing Course for Children (8-11)

This one-to-one online creative writing course for children is suitable for 8-11 year olds. The student will be given notes, tips and exercises every week to help them. Each exercise will be read by Olive and the student will receive written feedback. However, the main thing is for the student to have fun when writing!

Creative Writing Course for 10-12 Year Olds

In this creative writing course for 10-12 year olds you’ll learn about how to structure and tell your story. You’ll also get to know your characters, learn about Show, not Tell and how to revise your work.

Creative Writing Course for Teenagers with Kerry Drewery

In this creative writing course for teenagers, you’ll receive weekly notes and assignments. We’ll look at observation, planning and plotting, what makes a good beginning and ending, character, point of view, dialogue, setting and editing.

Online Creative Writing Course for Teenagers

Our one-to-one online creative writing course for teenagers is for young writers. It’s suitable for complete beginners or alternatively for teenagers who have already attended creative writing workshops.

Online Intermediate Creative Writing Course

The online intermediate creative writing course will allow participants to explore specific writing techniques which help build a bridge between the beginner and the more experienced writer. The creative impulse is very much an element of this journey, it helps to maintain a healthy imaginative register. Each module will guide the participant towards producing a strong body of writing based around relevant exercises and prompts.

Online Advanced Creative Writing Course

This online advanced creative writing course will address the basic difficulties faced by writers in the craft of short fiction. It is suitable for participants who have already begun to write short stories and who would like to develop their skills. You do not have to be published. Each lesson will include various prompts to liberate creativity. It will also include a review of work and examples of the masters in the genre of the short story.

Begin Your Novel Course

This online begin your novel writing course is designed for those who have an idea for a novel, or who have started to write one, and are in need of inspiration and guidance. You will embark on a six-week journey into your own story – using notes, writing tasks and reading resources to help you open up the world of your novel.

Flash Fiction Course

Very short—or flash—fiction has grown into a popular genre. In Flash Fiction: The Art of the Very Short Story, you’ll learn the skills required to create these small masterpieces, which are often fewer than 500 words.

Online Writing for Children Course

This online writing for children course is suitable for adults who would like to write books for children or young adults. It will cover the basics of storytelling and the specific aspects of writing for children and young adults.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Sometimes plots and characters become so familiar to us, our habits so ingrained, that it’s hard to see beyond the borders of our stories or feel energised about starting new work. It may be time to drop down the rabbit hole.

This four-week class will present strategies to lift you out of ruts and help you solve problems in your stories or essays.

13 Ways of Looking at Character

This class will investigate ways to bring our characters into complex life. We’ll explore essential tools such as creating voice, identifying desire, and capturing the concrete ways they move through the world.

Online Screenwriting Course

This online beginner’s screenwriting course is ideal for cineastes and telly-addicts who have long harboured fantasies of penning their own sweeping epic or six part series but don’t know where to start. With links to online resources, helpful examples, weekly exercises and tutor feedback, participants will gain an important working knowledge of the scriptwriting process.

Online Memoir Writing Course

All of the individual modules in this online memoir writing course are accompanied by writing options which will bring together the nucleus of the course material. You’ll also receive written feedback on those writing exercises.

Online Poetry Course

This online poetry course is suitable for beginners to advanced and is an ideal way to explore the business of poetry under the guidance of a published poet.

Online Writing Radio Drama Course

This online writing radio drama course will guide the participant through the maze of technical difficulties set by the medium of radio. It will also steer participants towards the goal of completing their own successful radio plays

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